Ricky Town Elite 11 Update

When Ricky Town arrived in Oregon for the Elite 11 competition, he checked in at 6’3’’ 205lbs. Right away they went to work and did army training designed to help them become better leaders. After a few hours of the army training, they did yoga to help get them “get loose” for the next day of practice. Throughout the first day, Ricky Town was not playing like he normally does. He didn’t really make a name for himself and California QBs like Josh Rosen and Brady White were out performing him in a big way.

However, Ricky came out on the second day of practice ready to let it all out. In the 7-on-7 part of the day, Ricky went 5/6 with two touchdowns. He threw the ball with great velocity and if it wasn’t for one throw that he let get away from him, he would have been the top quarterback of the day.

I would put him right in the #3 spot behind Jarrett Stidham and Brady White. I would expect Town to make it to the next round of the Elite 11 seamlessly. Right now, because of not doing well on the first day, Ricky is ranked #11 out of 18 according to the Elite 11 rankings. If today was the last day, Town would be going to the next round.