Interview with Elite 2015 Linebacker Cameron Smith

Yesterday I interviewed Granite Bay, CA linebacker Cameron Smith about his commitment to USC and who he is trying to recruit to USC. Smith is going to be a Spring 2015 early enrollee at SC.

What was the main reason for your commitment and how strong is it at this point?
Smith: ”That’s hard to point out the main reason. I just felt it’s where I wanted to play my whole life. I love Coach Sirmon, he’s a great mentor for me and the education is unbreakable.”

Now going forward you are going to be an early enrollee. Are you going to be taking any visits before signing with USC?
Smith: ”No I wouldn’t do that. That’s just the type of person I am. As much as I would love to see a Wisconsin, or something in those terms, I want people to know how serious I am with USC so no I won’t be taking any visits.”

Now that you are all USC who are a couple of guys that you are working on to add to the class?
Smith: “Iman “Biggie” Marshall, John Houston, Porter Gustin, Marvell Tell and Osa Masina. More defensive guys because that’s who I really have relationships with. I’ll let Ricky (Town) get the offensive guys.”

What are your goals for you senior season?
Smith: “I would love to win another championship with my team- that’s our main goal this year.”

Lastly, what are you looking to see from USC on the field this year?
Smith: “I’m not really interested in how they play this year. I know they are going to do great things, I’m just excited to watch.”